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Our readers often write in to request recipes they’ve sampled somewhere or have lost through the years. That’s the beauty of The Recipe Box — Guide Country cooks love to share their wonderful recipes with others. If you have an answer to one of the following requests or if you have a request of your own, write to The Recipe Box at PO Box 1977, Bismarck, ND 58502-1977; or e-mail Gail Mantz at gmantz@farmandranch It’s that simple!

Myrna Hauk, Bismarck, N.D., is looking for a recipe for Crescent Rolls like the ones you buy in the grocery store. Also, she’d like a recipe for Homeade Bread Dough that can be made, frozen and then thawed and baked later.

A reader would like a Rice Pudding recipe like that served in Minot, N.D., at the Norsk H¿stfest.

Agnes Smitten, St. Cloud, Minn., is looking for recipes to use up the big, yellow cucumbers left in the garden. She’d like to grate or grind them and use them in cakes and breads.

Shirley Windloss, Sharon, N.D., is looking for recipes for Pinto Bean Baked Beans, in either large or small amounts as she likes to make large recipes and freeze in serving size containers.

A reader phoned in a request for any Juneberry Dessert or Pie recipes.

Leola Lagerquist, Dunseith, N.D., would appreciate a good, mild Taco Sauce recipe.

Mary Johnson, Jamestown, N.D., is looking for Crab Salad recipes.

Chad Converse, via e-mail, is looking for Yellow Cake recipes that are nice and moist.

Ron Schulz, New Salem, N.D., would like any Wild Game recipes, especially those using Venison.

Myrna Hauck, Bismarck, N.D., is looking for recipes for homemade Low Mein Noodles and homemade Dry Ranch Dressing Mix.

Ruth Shephard, Crystal, N.D., would like Bread Stick recipes.

Emily Schmidt, Bismarck, N.D., is looking for a recipe to make Grape Wine from grape juice in quart-size cans.

Margaret Kiefer, Bismarck, N.D., is requesting recipes of any type using wine or beer in the ingredients or preparation. Examples would be Spaghetti Sauce, Chili, Stew and Beer Cheese Soup.

Here is a recap of requests from the past year to year-and-a-half that either had no responses or very few. Your help with these would be much appreciated: Mock Angel Food Cake, made in an angel food cake pan; Peach Muffins, using cut-up peaches; Walnut Crush Candy Bar; Flaky Turnovers; Chocolate Silk Bars, with a fudgy-coconut bottom, vanilla filling and a chocolate frosting; Apple Wine; Dumpnoodle (or Dumphnoodla); Orange-Glazed Chicken, like that served at a Chinese restaurant with vegetables and rice; and Sugar Cookies with a soft, slightly-raised or cake-like texture - similar to the frosted Loft House cookies from the grocery store.

Ruth Shephard, Crystal, N.D., would like recipes for Twice-Baked Potatoes.

Another reader is interested in an Apple Salad recipe like that at Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar. It has a delicious creamy sauce (made with possibly buttermilk or yogurt, but not overly sweet) over diced apples, with some chopped celery, chopped dried cranberries and possibly chopped walnuts.

Myrna Hauk, Bismarck, N.D., is looking for two recipes - Pear Butter and Dumpnoodle (made with bread dough). I’m pretty sure this is the same German dough dish that I’ve also heard pronounced Dumphnoodla.

A reader would like to have a recipe for Orange Glazed Chicken, like you get at a Chinese restaurant.

Another reader writes the following via e-mail: “I would love to have a good, roll-out Sugar Cookie recipe similar to the Loft House brand Sugar Cookies you purchase at the grocery store. I like a Sugar Cookie that stays soft and has a slightly raised or cake-like texture. The recipe I used this past Christmas had good flavor, but didn’t have the ‘Loft House’ texture, even though I didn’t roll them very thin. How thick do you recommend rolling sugar cookies?”

An anonymous reader has lost her mother’s Bread Pudding recipe and she’s wondering if our reader’s would share theirs. She’s looking for an old-fashioned recipe that is not the souffle type. Also, she’s looking for a good sauce recipe to go with the Bread Pudding. She particularly likes the sauce they serve at Minerva’s (in Bismarck) and Famous Dave’s restaurants.

Elizabeth Krueth, Kelliher, Minn., would like recipes for Turtle Bars and Potato Dumplings.

An anonymous reader would like recipes for Knoephle Soup and Cream Cheese Muffins. It’s been so many years since we’ve run Knoephle Soup recipes that I think it’s time to run some again - please share yours! Knoephle Soup is a German dish common to the Bismarck area, but there are still many readers who’ve never tasted it or heard of it. (Trust me, it’s tasty!)

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